Musée Electropolis

The biggest Museum in Europe devoted to electricity.
In an area covering almost 4000 m2 you will discover 1000 surprising objects – some of them quite bizarre. The jewel of the collection is the impressively sized “great Sulzer-BBC machine” which is demonstrated every day accompanied by new animated films. A new area measuring 350 m2 invites you to discover the connections between electricity, the climate and new ways of living in the 21st century.
The Electropolis Museum offers several private hire options: meetings, guided evening visits, location for a buffet dinner.
- A meeting room for get-togethers of up to 45 people.
- A room in which to hold coffee breaks for up to 19 people.
- A reception hall for an evening buffet of up to 60 people.
- Space for a buffet reception, for up to 30 people.

Meeting rooms

Salle Ampère 76 22 45 - -
Salle Tesla 36 - - 19 16
Hall d'accueil 120 - - 60 -
Espace "machine" 63 - - 30 15

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