Parc du Petit Prince

Change planet! The Parc du Petit Prince offers a unique, emotional experience in the fantastic world of Saint-Exupéry’s story. An unforgettable day full of emotions and poetry is waiting for you!

The large cinema room, an amphitheatre that can seat 350 people for meetings, and the Saint Exupéry restaurant can serve 120 people.

An excellent location for team-building exercises, the Parc du Petit Prince is spread over 24 hectares and has more than 32 attractions and activities: tethered balloon rides going up 150m (500 ft.), an air-bar where you can dangle your legs 35 m (115ft.) in the air.

Sports challenges, treasure hunts, paper chases, Olympian contests and orienteering races can also be organised.

Meeting rooms

Amphithéâtre du Grand Cinéma - - 350 - -
Restaurant La Table de Saint-Exupéry - - - 200 140

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