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The largest protestant building in France, the most prestigious car collection in the world and a unique collection of museums, the only Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in France, protected animals living in an exceptional Botanical garden, rehabilitated industrial zones, the largest market in eastern France, artisan boutiques, charming timber villages… these are only a few of the special attractions that make Mulhouse and the surrounding region an Alsatian destination that is unique, dynamic and surprising, attracting 2.5 million visitors per year.

Here you can find the most amazing and prestigious museums in the world for their specific subjects. Judge for yourself: the Automobile Museum – Collection Schlumpf and its 400 classic cars, including the most expensive car in the world (the Bugatti Royale), the Museum of Printed Fabrics that has 3 million examples in its archives as well as temporary exhibitions done in partnership with major designers, the Railway Museum and its marvelous locomotives and the Ecomusée d'Alsace, one of the largest in Europe.


But Mulhouse is so much more!

Numerous parks and gardens are spread about the city, the most well know being the Zoological and Botanical Park, opened in 1869. From its history in the medieval times to the industrial boom of the 19th century, the exceptional heritage of this former independent republic, which then became one of the European textile centres, deserves its “City of Art and History” designation. A walk through the different neighbourhoods has many sights: the mansions belonging to the 19th century captains of industry, one of the first workers’ housing projects, old brick factories, the only town hall from the Rhineland Renaissance. And Mulhouse does not lack examples of renovations and development done to its industrial heritage. A university, an artists’ collective and small-business nurseries, Mulhouse is the youngest big city in France with its sights set on the future, on innovation and on its youth!


In Mulhouse, if you did not come for the art, the art will find you! The city has a park containing contemporary artwork, making it into a real open-air museum. You can see the contemporary artworks in the parks, on the tramway lines or in the streets. The city can help you explore these artworks with its digital route. Among the recognised artists, there is Daniel Buren and his famous black and white stripes on the arches bordering line two of the tramway. A more traditional example, and yet typical of the Mulhouse region and, more generally, the Rhineland, numerous painted walls recount the region’s history and propel people into dream: from the trompe-l’oeil frescoes on the city hall, painted in 1698 by the Mulhouse painter Jean Gabriel, to the most modern projects done on the walls by local painters in the 1990s, commissioned by the city to brighten up the streets. They are often inspired by historic figures from Mulhouse, street names, etc. This tradition still continues today in the form of street at M.U.R. (Modulable Urbain Réactif), located on Rue de la Moselle, the 3rd in France to offer a monthly gathering for local street artists as well as major national and international artists on the Quai des Pêcheurs, among other locations. On this quay the city offers the space for an urban culture festival that takes place every three years.

In the mood for a small shopping break? At the Covered Canal Market, the largest in eastern France, you can find products from the Alsace region as well as from other parts of the world! In the city, there are many brand-name stores: from major national brands (sometimes originating from Mulhouse) to local artisan shops.

And to finish off your stay on a pleasant note, why not enjoy an unforgettable meeting? Our Greeters, enthusiastic volunteers, know how to give you a taste of their city like no one else with all their friendliness and sincerity.

Mulhouse Alsace, perfect for stretching beyond borders

At the meeting point of 3 countries, Mulhouse is the perfect point of departure to explore the entire region: Strasbourg, Colmar en Alsace, Belfort, Montbéliard and Besançon in Franche-Comté, Basel in Switzerland and Freiburg-in-Breisgau in Germany are all excellent destinations. Mulhouse’s hotel offer, with its excellent quality-price ratio, the cheapest in Alsace, is another top-notch feature of the region.

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